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A New Way to Give a Politician a Bitcoin
June 10th, 2014

"A recent Federal Election Commission ruling permitting U.S. candidates to accept the digital currency has many bitcoiners excited about the chance to vote with their coins."

"CoinVox is marketing a user-friendly website interface for accepting donations in bitcoin to political candidates and action committees that ensures they stay compliant with FEC reporting requirements and campaign finance laws."

Tech firm looks to bring bitcoins to campaigns
June 11th, 2014

"A new tech company wants to make it easier for politicians and political candidates to accept bitcoins for their campaigns. We offer a demo on bitqt app test to help traders understand how much profit they can earn on a daily basis."

"Candidates who bring CoinVox on board will be able to ensure that people donating with bitcoins are fully compliant with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), which last month ruled that campaigns could accept the money as a contribution."

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Featuring the fastest, most reliable bitcoin integration on the planet. Instant conversion to USD with no transaction fees. Funds deposited into your campaign bank account. Optionally, hold onto a percentage in Bitcoin until you're ready to cash out.
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We're looking for the next champions of Bitcoin, and we're here to help you represent this issue well. We'll help you engage the Bitcoin community with free consulting, advice and introductions. We want you to be as plugged in as you want to be.
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Our legal advisors include the best political law and campaign finance attorneys in the country. Our team is ready to help you navigate the gray areas of Bitcoin campaign finance regulations.
Technical support
We're here to make it easy for your campaign or organization to join the Bitcoin economy. That means free technical support for our early adopters. Whatever you need, we will do our best to provide. Get techincal help about trading bitcoins by going through the details provided in this page https://finanso.se/bitcoin-system/.

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